AI powered Software Analytics Platform
We are building a cognitive software analytics platform
to scale software development exponentially.
Technology Accelerator (TEA), Our Smart Software Engineering Platform
Facing challenges in your system due to complex code? We can help you!
We have created an entirely new experience in enabling you to build your software applications right, by leveraging our platform. The transparency enabled by our platform along the process, makes the task simpler, faster and more cost-effective, than ever before. Analyze, repair and transform your software systems without the need for super-experienced architects, at a fraction of the cost you spend today!
How our TEA is brewed
Analyzes source code of all popular languages today including Object Oriented Languages, Procedural Languages like ADA, Scripting Languages, other proprietary languages like ABAP and platforms like Apple's iOS, Google's Android.
Based on our algorithms, we find problems across multiple KPIs like maintainability, functionality, performance and runtime behavior, portability and reusability, directly from the source code. The platform is now scalable and new KPIs like security, cloud-readiness, parallelization etc. are being researched, tested and implemented as we speak.
Leverages the platform's learning engine in improving the system based on the problems diagnosed in the past. The systems gets smarter with every piece of code and associated artifacts that are run through it.
Benchmark your system quality, improve upon it and prevent further code entropy.
What we do for you
Software Analytics
We analyze complex software systems across domains and assist our clients in improving their quality. Following industries and domains use our analytics to improve quality and achieve their stated goals -
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Complex geo-seismic systems in oil and energy industry
  • Insurance and finance
  • High throughput order management systems for leading global online retailers
  • Backend systems supporting app stores and online content services for telecom giants
Software Transformation
With the help of our platform, we assist our clients in improving their core software systems as well. These transformation programs are-
  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Quantifiable
Software Cost Optimization
Leading enterprises trust our platform to :
  • Benchmark their spend on software application development and maintenance
  • Identifying via technology, areas in their application portfolio, where they can optimize costs
  • Gauge inner software quality delivered by their suppliers
  • Gain leverage with their suppliers through the transparency provided by our platform in the code supplied by them
  • Review code snippets which can have an impact on security and plug gaps
  • Enable re-use of software components, which are automatically identified by our platform, to reduce development costs and time to market
About Acellere
Vishal and Sudarshan shared the vision of industrializing the software industry and lowering the barrier to build and maintain complex software. Having worked together for over 16 years, they realized that the manner in which software has been built so far, is not geared to handle the exponential increase in the way software systems will need to be built in the coming 100 years. This inspired them to design a machine that would meet this challenge. Their love for motor-racing also binds them together.
Vishal Rai - CEO
Vishal’s passion is to industrialize software engineering. He is an electronics engineer with 18 years of telecommunications and software industry experience. An alumnus of Singularity University now, he is a 'fledgling' petrol-head and although he hasn’t been very successful yet, he aims to defy the laws of gravity one day!
Sudarshan Bhide - CTO
Sudarshan is a qualified engineer, and has over 14 years of software industry experience. Based out of India, he leads Acellere’s technology innovation. Sudarshan and his team are responsible for developing Acellere’s core technology. He has been an innovator of high performance computing systems at Cisco, reference frameworks for handheld device platforms at Digital, and holds patents in speech recognition and mobile communication technologies. His primary research interests are analytics, data mining, machine learning and high performance computing.
Our Team
Our office space is a reflection of our work culture: unique, fresh, and innovative. All our offices are designed and created by the very people working in them daily, making it a place we all are proud of. With a young, international team, Acellere encourages a strong, dedicated work atmosphere with fun along the way!
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